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How to Navigate an Age Gap in Retirement

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How can you keep your relationship—and your financial plan—strong when one partner retires before the other? Tune in to our webinar to find out! You’ll learn:

  • Which questions are crucial to ask before the older partner retires
  • How to maximize both of your Social Security benefits
  • Why you need to plan for health care costs now—not later
  • How to align on a withdrawal strategy to suit your lifestyles
  • …and more smart tips to make the most of this important life stage!

This is a must-attend for anyone retiring 4+ years before or after their partner.

The webinar is free, but registration is limited. Sign up today to reserve your spot!


Peg Webb-1

Peg Webb

Vice President, Financial Advisor

Preston Koenig-1

Preston Koenig

Vice President, Financial Advisor