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5 Financially Self-Sabotaging Behaviors
and How to Avoid Them


We’ve all heard the adage, “buy low, sell high.” So why is it that market drops can leave us itching to sell off stocks and market highs have us sticking it out, sometimes to the point of incurring loss?

Blame your brain—sometimes our psychological responses can override our logical minds. Wouldn’t it be helpful to recognize that behavior before it steals a portion of your returns?

During the presentation, you’ll learn how to identify self-sabotaging behaviors and how to avoid them. We’ll discuss behaviors like:

  • Actively avoiding losses
  • Letting overconfidence overpower logic
  • Procrastinating your way to loss

We’re several sessions so you can choose the time most convenient for you.  There’s no cost to attend so reserve your spot by signing up today.



Nicole Webb

Senior Vice President, Financial Advisor

Ramsey Wolfe-141500-edited

Ramsey Wolfe

Associate Financial Advisor